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General Reservation Policies


1. Pick-up & Drop-off Times: Pick-up is from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM and drop-off is from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM the following morning after the day of your reservation. We are flexible! Give us a call if you have any questions, if you’d like to schedule an early pick-up or drop-off, or if you need to make special scheduling arrangements to better accommodate your vacation planning needs. Late returns will be subject to a late fee of $1 per minute after the scheduled return date and time.

2. Refund Policy: No refunds if you cancel the day of your reservation. No refunds for early returns. There will be a 90% cancelation fee if you cancel within the day before your reservation. There will be a 60% cancelation fee if you cancel within the week before your reservation. There will be a 30% cancelation fee if you cancel within the month before your reservation. There will only be a 15% cancelation fee if you cancel within the quarter (3 months) before your reservation. If you cancel at least 3 months before your reservation, then there will be NO cancelation fee; and, you’ll be fully refunded for the reservation. Remember, it’s free to reschedule as long as you don’t wait until the last minute! Rescheduling is not the same as canceling! If for whatever reason you decide you want to change your dates, then it’s always FREE to reschedule your reservation with Club Powersports as long as you let us (Club Powersports) know at least a few days before your reservation. There will only be a 30% rescheduling fee if you decide to reschedule within a couple of days before your reservation. Otherwise, there is no fee to reschedule your reservation with us (Club Powersports).

3. Assumption of Risk: Renter acknowledges that the activities for which the Craft is designed to include inherent dangers, including the risk of bodily injury and/or death. Renter assumes and accepts all risks associated with the use of the Craft.

4. Acceptable Use: Renter agrees and acknowledges that he/she will be the sole operator of the Craft, and will use the Craft in a careful, safe, and conscientious manner. Renter shall at all times observe and adhere to any rules and guidelines posted by Club Powersports, and any other applicable laws or regulations.

5. Prohibited Activities: Renter shall not violate any of the following rules and regulations during his/her operation of the Craft:

  • There is no smoking permitted while on the Craft.
  • There are no alcoholic beverages permitted on the Craft.
  • There are no pets permitted on the Craft.
  • There is no fishing permitted from the Craft.

6. Age Limitations: Renter is at least 18 years of age. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate the Craft.

7. Unsafe Use: If at any time Club Powersports determines that Renter has engaged in unsafe or hazardous use of the Craft, then Club Powersports may immediately terminate the rental. Upon notification of termination, you (the renter) must return the Craft to the designated docking area immediately. If the rental is terminated for unsafe or hazardous use, then you (the renter) will not be refunded his/her security deposit. Club Powersports shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether any behavior or activity is “unsafe or hazardous.”

8. Condition Of Craft Upon Return: The Renter shall return the Craft, free of garbage and debris, and in the same condition as it was in when given to Renter. Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Craft during the rental period. Club Powersports shall retain any portion (or all) of Renter’s security deposit as necessary to cover repairs for such damages. To the extent that damages to the Craft exceed the amount of the security deposit, Renter shall be billed by Club Powersports for the full remaining amount of damages that were caused by the renter during the rental period, including all reasonable attorney’s fees.

9. Agree To Report All Accidents Immediately: You (the renter) agree to report all accidents immediately to Club Powersports via phone 801-664-5742 and email If an accident involves any other person or property, then you agree to report it immediately to the police as well as Club Powersports. You (the renter) also agree to comply with all local laws and complete an accident report for any accidents that happen.