Do you have any inquiries regarding renting a WaveRunner? We do our best to address some of the most often asked questions and misunderstandings about renting Jet Skis in Utah.

Although renting a WaveRunner is a relatively simple operation, there are a number of often asked questions and misconceptions about it.

This book will help you filter out what you need and don’t need to do, as well as educate you on some of the techniques of the trade, in order to deliver an easier and overall better experience.

Keep in mind that WaveRunners and Jet Skis are pretty much the same thing.

WaveRunner is the trademarked name for Yamaha’s PWC (Personal Watercraft). Jet Ski is the trademarked name for Kawasaki’s PWC (Personal Watercraft).

Both of these businesses, Yamaha & Kawasaki produce stand-up and sit-down watercraft. Sea-doo also produces a commonly available Jet Ski.

To prevent redundancy, the language used throughout this tutorial is different. The names “Waverunner” and “Jet Ski” are synonymous, and basically mean the same thing. WaveRunner is simply the moniker chosen & used by Yamaha for their brand of Jet Skis..

Jet Skis by Yamaha WaveRunner Rentals

Dealing with Rental Waverunner Companies & Inexperienced Riders on the Same Lake.

People renting a PWC are frequently on vacation, so they are somewhat out of their element and unfamiliar with the lakes & reservoirs that they are riding on. So even if you boat & jet ski at the same lake and know it inside and out like the back of your hand, beware that other boaters and PWC riders might not be that familiar with those waters—or what’s lurking below, like rocks, seaweed, or undercurrents. Also beware of inexperienced riders out on the lake that just don’t know or follow the common rules of save jet ski & boating etiquette.

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Protect yourself from accidents and mistakes. Get a damage waiver whenever you rent a Jet Ski.

Make sure you’re protected on your end by doing everything you can to prevent the WaveRunner from being damaged.

While the watercraft is in the renter’s custody, the renter is responsible for any and all damage to it.

Make every effort to plan ahead. This entails making a reservation (though this isn’t always necessary) and checking the weather forecast.

Summer is the busiest season for WaveRunner rentals, yet it’s also the rainy season in many areas. If you’re interested in learning more, view our inventory for Jet Ski Rental Utah.

If it rains while you’re out on the water, you’ll be charged the same—so be sure to check the weather, and choose a lake where the day will be perfect for riding jet skis.

WaveRunner dealerships by Yamaha typically don’t offer test-drives or rentals themselves. But if you are thinking of purchasing your own PWC, come rent a WaveRunner in Utah from Action Toy Rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many renters have never ever rode a watercraft, so it’s understandable if you have a lot of questions.

While the responses will vary depending on the company, this general outline should help most people comprehend the dos and don’ts.

Don’t hesitate to ask our booking agents any questions you have about renting a jet ski, here in Utah. You can call 801-534-7537 to speak to one of our live booking agents.

Age Limitations & Minimum Rental Age

Almost all companies require renters to be at least 18 years old, while many go as high as 25 years old before they can rent.

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Riders as young as 12 may usually handle jet skis after completing a course—check with the local laws and authorities of the lake or reservoir where you plan to ride, just to be certain. To be a passenger on a jet ski, several facilities require youngsters to be 44′′ or taller.

A waiver for children is normally required to be signed by a parent or guardian. Non-drivers above the age of 18 must also fill out a rental application & liability waiver.

Limits of Riding Rented Jet Skis in Utah

This is something that differs a lot from one company to the next. Some have laws requiring riders to stay within within sight of professional escorts, while others allow free travel for the duration of the jet ski rental.

Inland rental firms like ours have even been known to allow customers to tow their jet skis to other sites and we can even deliver them right to the lake.

We have plenty of accessories for our Yamaha jet skis that we rent here in Utah & Arizona.

How fast are WaveRunners for rent in Utah?

If you’re looking for the quickest WaveRunner, take a look at our post on the fastest WaveRunner.

When it comes to rentals, the top speed is normally around 55 mph, with the occasional exception.

If you wish to go considerably faster than 55 mph, you might consider getting your own personal watercraft.

When you are ready rent a Jet Ski in Utah, then simply Book your Utah Jet Ski Rental Online, here.